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Our firm is proud to provide full remote conferencing capabilities. Let us help keep your case moving, even if you can't make it to one of our offices. We can provide you or your client with a secure, toll-free, video conference for a more in person experience.

Our video conferencing provides all the benefits of mediation processes at a reduced cost to you or your clients. Please see our Fees/Scheduling page for complete details. 

We can use breakout rooms so you can discuss your case confidentially with just the members of your group, or privately with a mediator. Our goal is to make the mediation process, either in person or through video conferencing as effective and smooth as possible.

At Jason Wagner Law Corporation we believe that expertise and support makes the difference.

Great technology is part of our team. We go the extra mile by ensuring that we are using state of the art family law related software programs and video conferencing networks. We will make sure that everyone is 100% comfortable with the technology, allowing you to concentrate on more important things--like your case.

Contact our office to learn more about this option for your next mediation or to schedule a in person or practice video conference session.

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