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Couples actively seeking to divorce in northern California are welcome to schedule a free, one-hour meeting to discuss divorce mediation. An initial meeting without cost allows divorcing couples a no-risk opportunity to gather information and explore the possibilities of mediation. During this joint consultation with your spouse you will learn how Jason Wagner‘s mediation process would work for your unique situation.

Free, one-hour consultations are only offered to couple's interested in divorce mediation IF both parties attend the free consultation.  

With the exception of couples interested in divorce mediation, all other prospective clients are welcome to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. These consultations allow individuals, couples and families an opportunity to gather information and explore options without making further commitment. Meetings may be scheduled at any time and are not limited to 30 minutes; however, if you decide to meet for longer than 30 minutes, all time after the first half-hour is billed at Jason's normal hourly rate (see below).    

Payment Options                 

Jason Wagner's hourly rate is $350/hr. (in person sessions) or $325/hr. (video conference sessions). Most of our cases are taken on an hourly fee basis where we typically ask for a retainer to be paid at the time you engage Jason to assist you. A retainer is like a deposit. It is held in our client trust account and is used to pay portions of your bill as time is billed to you. If there are ever unused portions of your retainer at the end of the matter, or if you decide to terminate our engagement, we will promptly return the unused amounts to you.

Additionally, we offer a “pay-as-you-go” payment option where you pay for mediations as you attend them. We can further discuss our engagement process, fees and billing procedures during your free initial consultation.

Jason Wagner welcomes to the opportunity to meet with you and answer questions about divorce mediation and/or litigation. Contact us today to schedule a free half-hour or one-hour consultation by filling out our online form or calling at 916-238-3884  to see how we can help you on these and other issues in your divorce. 

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