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High Asset/Complex Divorces

High Asset Divorces

High asset divorces are complex and should be handled by family law attorneys who have the skill and experience to assist in the division of property and payment of spousal and/or child support. At Wagner Family Law, we handle all matters associated with a high asset divorce, including:

  • Business valuations: Jason Wagner has extensive transactional experience and connection with business valuation in California divorces. There are several ways to value and divide a business in divorce and it is critical to have an experienced family law attorney walk you through your options—often with the assistance of a forensic accountant.
  • Dividing pensions, and 401(k)s: Jason Wagner has long-standing relationships with various industry experts in order to assist with the valuation and division of these types of assets. Dividing retirement accounts and pensions is a complicated process that often requires an experienced family law attorney. Please see our QDRO/Government Employee/Individual Retirement Plans Page for complete details.
  • Equitable division: Often, a property or business starts out as separate property, but over the length of the marriage these assets change into community property due to contributions of money or efforts during marriage. Jason Wagner has substantial experience with negotiating and litigating the equitable distribution of assets through application of formulas known as Pereira/Van Camp or Moore/Marsden. 
  • Uncovering hidden assets: If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, we can work with experts who can perform detailed discovery and investigations to assist in uncovering those assets. When additional assets are uncovered, this usually results in an increased amount of spousal/child support, the division of assets and payment of attorneys fees in your case.
  • Real estate: High asset divorces often involve the valuation and division of several high value properties. In addition, characterizing these properties as community or sperate property (or a mixture of the two) is a difficult project in many high asset divorces.   

Jason Wagner has 15 years of experience working with high asset divorces and can assist you in the valuation and division of family residences, vacation homes, investment or other types of properties.

Complex Divorces

Complex divorces involve situations where there may be a combination of valuable separate property and community property estates. Often, these divorces have complexity surrounding the income of the parties—especially when one party is self-employed or is a business owner. It is critical to involve an experienced family law attorney to assist you in determining the exact nature, scope, and extent of all real properties, businesses and other assets.  

Complex Divorces often include issues such as:

  • Trusts and inheritances.
  • Family businesses or partnerships.
  • Commingled separate and community property.
  • Complex Tax issues relating to business or other sources of income.
  • 401(k) accounts or other investment and retirement accounts.
  • Valuable real estate purchased with a mixture of community property and separate property.
  • Stock options and/or pensions.

These cases require research, documentation and valuation to assist the parties in reaching a proper settlement agreement.

There are three critical steps to resolving Complex Divorces:

  1. Identify all the assets involved (regardless of whether Community or Separate property), including any undisclosed assets.
  2. Investigate, usually with a forensic accountant, whether an asset is community property, separate property, or a combination of the two.
  3. Value all the property and assets (this includes business valuation).

Use of Outside Experts

At Wagner Family Law, Jason Wagner can assist you with your divorce-whether complex or not.

His previous experience has a high stakes family law litigator provides him with a wealth of connections such as:

  • Forensic accountants.
  • Mental health professionals.
  • Valuation consultants.
  • Investment and retirement account experts (including CalSTRS and CalPers).
  • CPA's and CDFA's.

How Jason Wagner Can Help

Jason Wagner has experience with complex divorces and can help you with the resolution of your complex marital property division. For over 15 years he has been representing wealthy couples, business owners and their spouses –let him help you determine the best option for your situation. Contact us today by filling out our online form or calling at 916-238-3884 for assistance with the identification, valuation and division of your important assets. 

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