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Modification of child custody and visitation orders

Modification of child custody and visitation orders

Often, a previous child custody, visitation schedule or parenting plan has become too difficult for the child or one of the parents. Additionally, as children get older, they may tell their parents they would prefer a new parenting plan. Many Parents modify their custody or visitation orders as time goes by. They are usually interested in crafting new agreements on custody, child support, or one of many other child-related disputes. 

Custody Modification Options

If the parents are in agreement to modify, our office can simply amend the current agreement in writing and we will file the amendment with the court asking a judge to approve it.

If the parents cannot agree, it is almost always better to try mediation of child custody arrangements first before going to court since the costs of a modification lawsuit are significant—both emotionally and financially.

Mediation provides Parents the opportunity to find common ground on the modification issue for a fraction of the cost of litigation.

How Jason Wagner Can Help your Family

As situations change, modification of custody agreements may be an ideal option for your family when sticking to the original plan is no longer possible. Custody modification allows you to negotiate custody, child support, or any other child-related disputes--which is critical for parents trying to support happy and healthy children as they grow older.

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