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While mediation is natural for Jason Wagner many people do not have significant experience in the mediation process. Most people understand that meditation is a method to settle your case without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom--but there are often questions about what will happen, how to prepare and what to expect as an outcome.

Mediation Process Overview

Both parties meet with Jason, a neutral mediator, who assembles facts and information to help the parties reach an acceptable agreement. Through listening to both sides, explaining the legal process, encouraging proper communication, consulting with experts and proposing solutions, Jason assists the parties in finding a resolution that works for their family.

A final agreement will be drafted by Jason when the issues are resolved. This agreement will be signed by both parties and they are immediately bound by the contents of the agreement. 

Finally, Jason will submit the agreement to the Court for a Judges review and signature. During this phase, the parties do nothing but wait for the Judge to sign the agreement. When the Judge signs, the agreement becomes a Court Order and there are additional penalties if a party violates the agreement.

Use of Attorneys 

Although many of Jason Wagner‘s clients reach a complete divorce settlement without retaining an attorney; some need and/or want legal representation.

If your case warrants legal representation or if you simply prefer to be legally represented by a lawyer, they are welcome to participate with you in the mediation process.

Starting divorce mediation without a lawyer does not limit your ability to retain a lawyer in the future and/or appear in court.

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