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At Wagner Family Law, founder Jason Wagner has more than 15 years of experience  handling high-stakes family law disputes and he can put that experience to work for you and your family.

Attorney Jason Wagner - Sacramento, CA

As a practicing litigation attorney, he attended multi-million-dollar hearings, mediations and trials. Jason Wagner draws upon his professional experience to help even the highest conflict spouses/parents bring less stress to their lives and reduce the costs of divorce-both financially and emotionally.

His experience as a trial lawyer and mediator benefits him when evaluating cases and assisting the parties in crafting unique solutions. Jason has successfully settled many types of cases and has helped parties resolve hundreds of millions of dollars in family law disputes. This experience allows Jason to help spouses resolve high-stakes and high-conflict cases successfully both in private mediations and court room trials. 

Jason Wagner assisted authors Stephen Wagner (Jason's father and Nationally recognized Family Law Attorney) and Dawn Gray in the research and drafting of the highly regarded family law treaties titled “Complex issues in California Family Law.” This treatise includes 11 separate books on the most complex areas of family law including:

  • Premarital agreements
  • Characterizations of property as community or separate.
  • Spousal/child support
  • Attorney's fees and sanctions
  • Business valuation
  • Equitable remedies-Pereira/Van Camp
  • Equitable remedies-Moore/Marsden
  • Tracing separate and community funds
  • Transmutations
  • Fiduciary duties-nature and extent
  • Fiduciary duties-practical approaches

For more information on the “Complex issues in California Family Law” treaties please see

Jason Wagner is double-trained in both Mediation AND Litigation. Jason Wagner has a firm belief that it is usually preferable to attend private mediations before moving to litigation.

Mediation allows the parties to see if they can settle their divorce the easier and less costly way. Additionally, if you cannot settle in mediation, each party has a significant “head-start” in the litigation process since the information gathered for mediation is almost identical to the information needed to go to court.

Jason Wagner provides personalized services to each client and recognizes that clients seeking legal services are often in positions of high stress and financial strain. Jason can help you and your family get through this difficult experience.

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